Jim Pharis is a Louisiana based Modern Acoustic Blues player.

Pharis began playing in his early teens. Influenced by the folk and blues music boom of the 1960's, he began taking lessons from a local classical guitar teacher. Those lessons created a strong foundation forJim's dynamic fingerstyle approach to the guitar.
Jim Pharis performs in a variety of music settings in the American South. His most recent release is 2018's critically acclaimed, High Mileage.
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"Hey Jim,
I just wanted to share with you that I got some wonderful compliments about your recent performance.
Our staff said you were extremely professional and talented (they’re musicians, so they would know!) and I heard from several patrons as well that your show was awesome! Thank you so much for being a part of our schedule!"
MOD Coffeehouse Galveston, TX
 "Jim Pharis has played for Spirits several
times. We always look forward to his performances. He is an unbelievably talented guitarist and plays a style of music that's not heard often. Good singer and good story teller. Keeps our audiences well entertained." 
Spirits Food and Friends Alexandria, La.
"Central Louisiana native, Jim Pharis, is an incredibly unique blues musician... his fingerstyle guitar work is excellent."
Elmore Magazine
Jim Pharis plays solo acoustic guitar with aplomb on one of the absolute funniest songs of 2015...
Blues Blast Magazine